Apache HBase

The following Apache HBase public courses are offered at Cloudera classrooms. For a list of courses that Cloudera can deliver at your own site, please see our full course offerings or contact us.

Apache HBase Training Courses

HBase (Japan)

大量のデータの格納とアクセス、それらに対して秒間あたり数10万操作を行うためにApache HBaseは開発されています。このコースでは既にHadoopに精通している開発>者、管理者はHBaseのインストールと管理、クライアントのプログラムを開発するためのスキルを得ることができます。このコースはリアルタイムに大量のデータを格納 、アクセスしたいエンジニアおよび管理者に適したトレーニングコースです。

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Cloudera's training for Apache HBase is designed for developers and administrators already familiar with Apache Hadoop. Participants should be familiar with Hadoop's architecture and APIs and have experience writing basic applications. Cloudera's Hadoop Developer course provides all the necessary background required.

Download the full agenda for Cloudera's Training for Apache HBase.

HBase Training Webinar

In this free, online webinar, learn how HBase Training can help you develop your HBase use case, design optimal schemas, and identify, avoid, and resolve performance bottlenecks. In this on-demand webinar, Cloudera Curriculum Developer, Jesse Anderson, presents two short portions of Cloudera's full training, providing an overview of accessing data with the HBase API and executing Scan operations with both Java and Python, followed by Q&A. Watch now!

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