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CCP: Data Scientist Challenge 2 – Detecting Anomalies in Medicare Claims

In the CCP: Data Scientist Challenge Two - Detecting Anomolies in Medicare Claims, candidates compete against each other and against a benchmark set by a committee including some of the world's elite data scientists.

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Sub-Categories of Certification

HBase Certification

Prove your skill and ability in the operations and development of Apache HBase projects.

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Administrator Certification

Prove your skill and ability to write, maintain, and optimize Apache Hadoop administrator projects.

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Data Science Certification

Candidates for CCP: Data Scientist must prove themselves under real-world conditions, designing and developing a production-ready data science solution that is objectively and peer-evaluated for its accuracy, scaleability, and robustness. Those who successfully achieve CCP: Data Scientist demonstrate that they possess the skills and abilities of an elite group of data scientists working with big data.

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Developer Certification

Individuals who achieve the Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop certification (CCDH) have demonstrated their technical knowledge, skill and ability to write, maintain, and optimize Apache Hadoop development projects.

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