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Cloudera Training for Apache HBase



Cloudera's training for Apache HBase is designed for developers and administrators already familiar with Apache Hadoop. Participants should be familiar with Hadoop's architecture and APIs and have experience writing basic applications. Cloudera's Hadoop Developer course provides all the necessary background required.

Download the full agenda for Cloudera's Training for Apache HBase.


HBase Training Webinar

In this free, online webinar, learn how HBase Training can help you develop your HBase use case, design optimal schemas, and identify, avoid, and resolve performance bottlenecks. In this on-demand webinar, Cloudera Curriculum Developer, Jesse Anderson, presents two short portions of Cloudera's full training, providing an overview of accessing data with the HBase API and executing Scan operations with both Java and Python, followed by Q&A. Watch now!


4 Days

You Will Learn

  • The components of an HBase cluster
  • When you should -- and should not -- use HBase
  • How to use the HBase shell to directly manipulate HBase tables
  • How to design optimal HBase schemas for efficient data storage and recovery
  • How to connect to HBase using the Java API
  • How to configure an HBase cluster
  • How to administer an HBase cluster, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks

Additional self-study appendices discuss bulk-loading data into HBase tables and how Hive can be used to query HBase tables.


This course is appropriate for developers and administrators who intend to use HBase. Prior experience with databases and data modeling is helpful, but not required. Prior knowledge of Java is helpful. Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not required, but Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Hadoop provides an excellent foundation for this course.

Hands-On Exercises

Throughout the course, students write HBase code and perform other hands-on exercises to solidify their understanding of the concepts being presented.

Certification Exam

Upon completion of the course, attendees are encouraged to continue their study and register for the Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase (CCSHB) exam. Certification is a great differentiator; it helps establish you as a leader in the field, providing employers and customers with tangible evidence of your skills and expertise.


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Introduction to HBase
  • HBase Concepts
  • The HBase Administration API
  • Accessing Data with the HBase API, Part 1
  • Accessing Data with the HBase API, Part 2
  • HBase Architecture, Part 1
  • HBase Architecture, Part 2
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Row Key Design in HBase
  • Schema Design in HBase
  • The HBase Ecosystem
  • Conclusion

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