Cloudera Single Sign On:

User Guide for Training and Certification


Cloudera's Training Registration Platform is Now Under Cloudera Single Sign On!

As of October 23, 2018, our payment and registration system will utilize Cloudera SSO. This page will help training users through the new log in process.

Important Note for existing Cloudera University Users:

 i.e. Community or Support portal users). When presented with the sign-in screen, choose REGISTER and create your account using the same email address used for your training enrollments. Once this is complete, the Cloudera Training account and accounts will by synced.


All Training Users

You will be required to log in to Cloudera SSO before navigating to the user dashboards or completing the check-out process on our training registration platform. The most common dashboards, and their associated users, are listed below.

IMPORTANT: After registration and payment for OnDemand Training, you must visit to access the video content! Detailed instructions can be found in your enrollment confirmation email.

When navigating to one of the above links, the SSO login page will appear. If you have used Cloudera’s single sign-on portal in the past, enter your current login credentials and click the Sign In button.

First-time Cloudera portal users can choose to Register Now which will be an option on the right side of the screen.

NOTE: Training and Certification users will need a Cloudera portal (SSO) account with the same email address used for training enrollments!

Once you have clicked Sign In, the system will attempt to locate your Cloudera contact record. If the record exists, a “Thank you for Registering” screen will appear confirming an Account (if on file) has been assigned to your profile. You will see a message like the one below:

If no record exists, you will be granted Cloudera Community access and receive the following message:

As a Training user, you will need to provide additional information to complete your profile. Fill in the required fields, then click Submit.

We will now redirect you back to the page initially requested (instructor/student dashboard, shopping cart, etc.).


NOTE: The system will validate the information entered in step 7. This can take 5-10 seconds before landing on the dashboard.



User Contact Information and Profile

From the learner or user dashboard, your contact information can be verified by visiting your MyCloudera Profile page. Simply navigate to the MyCloudera Profile tab found at the top of your learner dashboard.

Once you have landed on the MyCloudera portal, you can view your profile as well as the apps available to you. The options will be listed on the left-side menu.

To return to the dashboard, use the browser's "back" function or re-enter the dashboard URL from the list above.

For assistance with login issues, resetting a password or updating account information, please contact