Data Analyst

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Data Analyst Instructor Led Training

Data Analyst (Japan)

この4日間のトレーニングコースは、Hadoop上でSQL、および馴染みのあるスクリプト言語を使用して、リアルタイムで大規模で複雑なデータを管理、操作、照会したい方に適しています。Apache Pig、Apache Hive、Cloudera Impalaでのフィルタや結合、ユーザー定義関数により、データの変換と分析を有効に行う方法を学習します。JavaやHadoopの事前知識は必要ありません。本コースは日本語で提供します。テキストや演習問題も日本語に翻訳されています。


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Cloudera Data Analyst Training: Using Pig, Hive, and Impala with Hadoop - Blended Learning


Apache Pig applies the fundamentals of familiar scripting languages to the Hadoop cluster. Apache Hive makes transformation and analysis of complex, multi-structured data scalable in Hadoop. Apache Impala enables real-time interactive analysis of the data stored in Hadoop using a native SQL environment. Together, Pig, Hive, and Impala make multi-structured data accessible to analysts, database administrators, and others without Java programming expertise. 

Download the full agenda for Cloudera's Blended Learning Data Analyst Training.



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Cloudera Data Analyst Training

Cloudera University's four-day Data Analyst Training course will you to apply traditional data analytics and business intelligence skills to big data. This course presents the tools data professionals need to access, manipulate, transform, and analyze complex data sets using SQL and familiar scripting languages.

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