Cloudera Training for Apache Kafka

Cloudera Training for Apache Kafka


Cloudera Training for Apache Kafka


This four-day instructor-led course begins by introducing Apache Kafka, explaining its key concepts and architecture, and discussing several common use cases. Building on this foundation, you will learn how to plan a Kafka deployment, and then gain hands-on experience by installing and configuring your own cloud-based, multi-node cluster running Kafka on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).

You will then use this cluster during more than 20 hands-on exercises that follow, covering a range of essential skills, starting with how to create Kafka topics, producers, and consumers, then continuing through progressively more challenging aspects of Kafka operations and development, such as those related to scalability, reliability, and performance problems. Throughout the course, you will learn and use Cloudera’s recommended tools for working with Kafka, including Cloudera Manager, Schema Registry, Streams Messaging Manager, and Cruise Control.

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4 Days


During this course, you learn how to:

• Plan, deploy, and operate Kafka clusters

• Create and manage topics

• Develop producers and consumers

• Use replication to improve fault tolerance

• Use partitioning to improve scalability

• Troubleshoot common problems and performance issues


This course is designed for system administrators, data engineers, and developers. All students are expected to have basic Linux experience, and basic proficiency with the Java programming language is recommended. No prior experience with Apache Kafka is necessary.

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