Introduction to Apache Kafka

DO NOT USE- Introduction to Apache Kafka


Cloudera University's half-day Kafka training course provides an introduction to Apache Kafka, including architecture, use cases for Kafka, message topics, and partitions, working with Kafka from the command line, producers, and consumers, consumer groups, Kafka messaging order, creating producers and consumers using the Java API. The course also covers integrating Flume and Kafka topics including configuring Flume as a Kafka producer and configuring Flume as a Kafka consumer.


4 hours


This course is intended for software engineers who have Java development and basic Linux experience. Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop, as gained through our developer courses, is also required. The Integrating Flume and Kafka chapter requires the completion of the Capturing Data with Flume chapter from the Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop or Designing and Building Big Data Applications course.

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