Flink Training Webinar (FREE)

Micro Class: Hands-On Webinar for Cloudera Streaming Analytics (Apache Flink) Training Course


Hands-On Webinar for Cloudera Streaming Analytics (Apache Flink) Training Course

Please note that this some of the Webinar sessions will be recorded.


During this free two-hour instructor-led training micro-course, participants will gain insights into our two-day course, Cloudera Streaming Analytics: Using Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder on CDPfocused on development and operations for Cloudera Streaming Analytics, a framework for low-latency processing and analytics powered by Apache Flink and Cloudera's innovative SQL Stream Builder

Through extensive hands-on exercises, students will gain experience deploying and managing a Flink cluster, developing and running Flink applications, and using SQL Stream Builder's continuous SQL to perform analytics on streaming data.


2 hours


During this Webinar, you will:

  • Be presented with an architectural overview of Flink
  • Understand the basic of the Flink SQL framework
  • Develop and run a Flink SQL streaming application
  • Understand what the full two-day course includes


This Webinar and full course is designed for those who have an interest with administration and application development on the Cloudera platform.

Students must have at least basic familiarity with Java and Linux.

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