Cloudera OnDemand Training FAQ

NOTICE: Cloudera has recently merged its Registration and Payment platform into a Single Sign On (SSO) system. When you reach the log in screen, choose REGISTER NOW and create ad SSO account using the same email address that you have been using for your past training enrollments.

Q: How do I access my Cloudera OnDemand and Hortonworks Self Paced Learning Library?

A: Follow these steps to access your courses:

  1. After purchasing the course, visit the OnDemand Register Site and fill in the form. Be sure to use the same email address used to purchase the course.
  2. Check your email for an Activation Request, click on the activation link in the email, and login. Your course will then be accessible at OnDemand Dashboard.
  3. After activating your account, you can access your courses through or by using the Cloudera OnDemand iOS app. Visit the App Store to download! (Tip for iPad users – change the App Store search settings to "iPhone only" to locate the app. Although it's marked "iPhone only," it works just fine on iPads too!)

NEW! Check out our How-To Videos that will walk you though the registration process, viewing content, accessing exercise environments, taking quizzes and utilizing the Discussion Forums!

Q: What are the system requirements for viewing the videos?

A: Here are the requirements to view the videos:

  • A modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11+
  • If connecting from the office, be sure your IT team has white-listed and where our videos are hosted

Q: How many lab hours do I get with my Cloudera OnDemand subscription?

A: Here is a chart below showing the course and the number of lab hours available:

Class Type Lab Hours Available
Just Enough Scala, Just Enough Python,
Spark ML/MlLib, Kudu, Kafka
5 Lab Hours
HBase, Search, Data Science at Scale 15 Lab Hours
Data Analyst, Developer for Spark and Hadoop, Administrator 20 Lab Hours
Data Science Workbench, Cloudera Security Training Lab Hours are NOT included
Library 100 Lab Hours

Q: How long will my exercise environment for Cloudera OnDemand training be available to me?

A: The availability of exercise environments are as follows:

  • Single course title enrollees have 180 days* to utilize the hours granted in their exercise environment
  • Library enrollees have 365 days* to utilize the hours granted in their exercise environment
  • Blended Learning enrollees have up to 6 weeks (during the training event) to utilize the granted hours in their exercise environment

*Click here for information on Non-Standard Expirations

Q: Can my training subscription be extended past the expiration date?

A: Cloudera does not extend access past the expiration date. If your enrollment has expired, you can purchase a new subscription and continue your training.

Q: What are the system requirements for the cloud-hosted labs? (Cloudera OnDemand Training)

A: Here are the system requirements for the cloud-hosted labs:

  • A modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11+
    • Your browser settings must allow popups in order to access the lab environment!
  • Minimum download speed of 1.16 Mb/sec (150 KB/sec)
  • Latency of 150ms or less to the exercise environment is strongly recommended. Latencies above 250ms may not provide acceptable performance
  • You can test browser compatibility and latency at (choose the US-East, EMEA, or APAC region, whichever is closer to your location).

Q: How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues for the exercise environment?

A: Here are different steps to take to troubleshoot connectivity issues:

Find a list of troubleshooting topics for Skytap here.

Q: Can I change the keyboard layout used for the exercises?

A: Yes! Students can modify their own keyboards from the default English(US) by following the instructions here.

Q: How can I get help troubleshooting the exercises?

A: All Cloudera OnDemand exercises are fully tested prior to release. However, problems can occur due to any number of factors. If you encounter errors while working through an exercise, we encourage you to double-check your work and then post to the Discussion Forum inside the course. The forum is monitored by our technical instructors who will assist you.

Q: Who do I contact with account or login questions?

A: If you are having trouble logging in, please first ensure you have followed the steps listed under "How do I access my OnDemand Training?". Should you require further assistance, contact our OnDemand support team at and we will respond within 1-2 business days. Please review our Terms and Conditions for OnDemand purchases as well.

Q: Where can I find copies of my enrollment and/or order confirmations?

A: Copies of student enrollment and order confirmations are stored your the student inbox here.

NOTE: The Training Registration and Payment platform (which is different than is now under Cloudera SSO. Be sure to use the same email address used for your OnDemand training when creating an SSO account.

Q: How do I receive a course completion certificate?

A: Course completion certificates are automatically generated for students who have a grade of 75% or better in the course. Grades are based on answers to the quiz questions at the end of each course section.

IMPORTANT: You are only allowed one attempt to answer a quiz question! Please make sure to carefully watch the videos and do the hands-on exercises in the course section before attempting the quiz!

NOTE: The Training Registration and Payment platform is now under Cloudera SSO. Be sure to use the same email address used for your OnDemand training when creating an SSO account.

Q: Can I share my OnDemand subscription with others?

A: No. Each subscription (library or single course) is assigned to a single student. We do not allow license transfers or license sharing for any reason. Users found to be sharing their license with others will be deemed ineligible for course completion certificates and at Cloudera's discretion, may have their account disabled and fees paid forfeited.

Q: Can I change the email assigned to my subscription?

A: If the subscription was purchased using a corporate discount or purchased by your employer, we require that a corporate email address be assigned to the license. If your purchased is not affiliated with your employer, we can allow the email address to be updated if necessary.

Q: Why does my subscription expire before the standard duration?

A: Training access periods are calculated from the purchase date. Subscriptions can be purchased by corporate customers using Training Credits or a Purchase Order through our sales team. The date that these orders are finalized is their purchase date. When days, weeks, or months go by before student names are provided and assigned to the training, this results in a shortened access period for the subscription. Find more information on our Terms and Conditions page.