Cloudera University Technical Classroom Requirements

Cloudera University's Big Data Architecture Workshop:

  1. Strong internet connection with minimum download speed of 1.16 Mb/sec (150 KB/sec).

  2. XL conference room or meeting space that can accommodate 20+ students participating in lecture and small group break-out sessions.

  3. Four (or more) white boards or flip charts with markers. Note: We require white board/flip chart access for each small group of 5 students.

Cloudera University's Data Scientist Training:

  1. Strong internet connection with minimum download speed of 1.16 Mb/sec (150 KB/sec).

  2. **IMPORTANT** Please work with your IT department to ensure the following firewall ports are opened: 443, 80, 8443

    These ports MUST be open during class to allow students access to our virtual lab learning environment!
  3. Students attending a VIRTUAL Data Scientist class: We highly recommend having two monitors. One to display the instructor's Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) environment and the other to display the student's CDSW environment.

All other Cloudera University courses:

  • Strong internet connection with minimum download speed of 1.16 Mb/sec (150 KB/sec) per client connection (per user).

    This is very important as reduced bandwidth will result in poor user experience!

  • A modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. (NOTE: Skytap does not support Internet Explorer.)

  • Test access to the exercise environment using the following link from the exact location where you will take the training course, and ensure that you receive a green or yellow rating (below 150ms latency):

  • We have included a link to our Connectivity Checker Assistant. You can use this guide to determine the best troubleshooting steps based on the issue you are experiencing, or the test results you have observed:

  • Take a moment to try each of the recommendations the Assistant suggests. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, try using an alternate connection method (for example, if you are experiencing a Java-related issue or error, you might try establishing a connection with the HTML5 Connectivity Checker).

  • Our HTML5 Connectivity Checker can be found at:

  • Also, please ensure you meet Skytap's Access Requirements for each connection method: 


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**NOTE: Partner Boot Camp Training set-up requirements will be provided to enrollees by the instructor prior to class.

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